Company Profile

Company Profile

Hong Kong Lion Electronics Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Lion electronic co., LTD.

Hong Kong Lion Electronics Co., Ltd.Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company is committed to representing and selling electronic components services. Its management members have more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor distribution. They are from leading companies in the US and Taiwan, and their sales teams are more than in the Asia Pacific market. 15 years of sales experience.

Lion Electronics specializes in the active sales of IC semiconductors and passive components, including PC motherboards, mobile phone management power supplies, motors, automotive electronics, home appliances, green energy and industrial control. Brands include: APEC Fuding Advanced, GMT (New Technology), Diodes, Lite-On, Infineon, Vishay, AOS, Panasonic, AV tantalum capacitors. We have a mature technical team and perfect supply chain management to provide customers with Professional services in rapid sample, application consulting, program design, after-sales logistics, etc. Dedicated to provide a full range of services for domestic and foreign customers to meet customer demand for performance, reliability and price of power semiconductor products, to create maximum value for customers!